At Summit we like to have a good time! We believe that time spent together away from the office makes our team even stronger. Several times a year, we enjoy different events and gatherings to get to know our employees better and also get to know their families. 


October 2016 trip to the NC ZOO in Ashboro



Aaron Hutchens, Civil Designer in the Land Development department, and his sweet family.




Project Accountant Heather Garner and her two daughters.




August 2016 Durham Bulls 



Virginia branch manager Zack Weddle, PE, getting into the game!


Junior Architect Michael Celauro



Eric Olsen, PE, Building/Site Engineering Division Manager and his lovely wife Dianne.


President Jim Parker mingling.

It's always fun to have family members stop by!



Inventory Control Specialist Donna Dupont, had a special visitor come to work. Her granddaughter Annabella!



Izzy took advantage of casual Friday and wore her Summit T-shirt to work! Izzy is part of IT Manager Jason Richmond's family.