Hillsborough Historic District, N.C.


Our Architecture Department is the first firm to have a multi-family residential development approved by the Town of Hillsborough Historic District Commission. 515 N. Churton contains 23 units of varying floor plans for different families and lifestyles. We ensured the ideas, concerns, and feedback of the public and Historical Committee were implemented throughout the process of this project. Although the character of the building is of a contemporary nature, the materials mimic much of what is in the district such as corrugated metal, masonry, natural siding and glass.


Check out our video of the 515 N. Churton project in Hillsborough, NC
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We provided Special Inspections and Construction Materials Testing for Shortbread Lofts, a seven-story, reinforced concrete, structural masonry and structural steel building. The building in total is 144,290 square feet (SF), divided into residential and retail spaces.

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This adaptive reuse of an abandoned 1950’s building contains 3 street accessed condo units with unique features within each unit. The historic building was modified to retain its rich historic character along N. Churton Street while integrating contemporary design features along the West Union Street façade.

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We provided Construction Materials Testing and Special Inspections services for a 516,600 SF condominium and apartment complex in Chapel Hill, NC. Our services were all handled in-house, including utilizing our own state-of-the-industry testing lab in Hillsborough, NC.

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