Hillsborough, N.C.


We are providing Architectural Design, Civil Engineering, Structural Design, and Construction Administration services for this 7,350 SF ABC Liquor Store (4,275 SF Sales Floor) in Orange County, NC. Located near the prominent intersection of I-85 and I-40, this ongoing project requires us to balance the commercial functions of a store with the industrial functions of a warehouse.

The owner of this project had multiple requests of our team. The owner wished for transparency at the front entry to incorporate natural lighting, which we achieved with near floor to ceiling clerestory windows. We also satisfied the owner’s request for a pronounced entry feature delineating the sales floor from the warehouse area to keep customer traffic moving in the right direction.

The style of the building channels the owner’s desire for a mountain-architecture feel and a curved roof. The roof that splays out on the Oakdale Drive side serves multiple purposes: first, it is a prominent design element, but also provides solar shade for the storefront and weather protection for pedestrian traffic. It is an example of our ability to address practical needs with aesthetically pleasing solutions.