Orange Co. ABC Warehouse and Office

Hillsborough, N.C.


The Orange County ABC project consisted of designing and constructing a new, 14,250-square-foot warehouse and upfitting the existing office building. This location serves as the storage and central distribution point for all Orange County ABC locations, so it needed to fulfill both its warehouse functions and the necessary office functions in a fast-paced, demanding environment.

For the warehouse, our architects and designers made the building fit for LEED certification standards and to sustain constant distribution activity. For the office, the client had a specific theme requirement for the “look” of the space which our staff accommodated creatively. The interior includes repurposed flooring from an actual bourbon distillery and artifacts featuring name alcohol brands that are stored on site. Our architects conducted interviews with ABC staff to determine areas that needed improvements, which areas saw lots of traffic, and which areas needed to have extra security. This enabled us to provide the best new spaces to suit the staff’s practical needs as well.

Our team provided architectural and engineering services for the Mid-Atlantic STIHL Warehouse expansion project in Hillsborough, NC. The expansion project consists of adding approximately 22,600 square feet of warehouse space to the side of their existing facility, along with additional parking and loading dock.

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From its construction to current operation, we provided Geotechnical, Construction Materials Testing and Special Inspections (CMT/SI) for this facility. During Phase I of the project, we performed tests on 750,000 cubic yards of cut and fill, 75,000 cubic yards of rock removal, and 13,000 linear feet of storm drain installation on the construction site.

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We are the current Architect of Record for the State Employees' Credit Union. Our architecture team developed three (3) new prototypes for North Carolina locations ranging from 6,500 square feet to 10,000 square feet. Each location requires different services and different qualifications which meant our teams quickly learned how to adapt to our client’s needs on the ground.

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