NCDOT Divisions 3 and 5, N.C.


Our Maintenance Management department can perform GIS data collection and condition assessments for all highway assets, not just the road. Currently, we assist with Data Collection in Divisions 3 and 5 for Non-NBIS pipe for NCDOT. As part of this project, our teams of technicians traveled throughout the Divisions to work on various pipe locations where they collected multiple data points including GPS location, pipe type, length, bed to crown and condition. The team then transmitted that information to NCDOT to be used for inventory, analyzing and planning purposes.

We assist NCDOT with their Highway Maintenance Improvement Plan, which is an ambitious 5-year highway resurfacing plan that identifies the routes that will be treated for multiple challenges over the next 5 years. For each different job, we collect field data for contract administration and then determine the best treatment for each route.

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Our Maintenance Management department provides Pavement Condition Assessments for multiple municipalities throughout North Carolina. Once we collect the necessary information, we can determine the best course of action to improve or extend the life of a road, highway, access road, or any other paved surface.

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Our Maintenance Management department assists NCDOT with their Routine Maintenance Improvement Plan. This is a 3-to-5 year plan identifying specific highway needs based on budget, location, traffic volumes and other criteria. With these plans, NCDOT can provide long-term maintenance cycles and budget forecasting needs.

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