By Lauren Stearley on 30 July 2019
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Welcome to Groundwork, Summit Design and Engineering Services’ new blog. As an architecture, engineering and planning firm, we have a diverse range of talented and driven people improving their communities through their work.

By Lindsey Shinkle on 13 August 2019
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Anyone who has started a new job knows that jargon and workplace terminology can change, not only depending on the field, but even from business to business or office to office.

By Lauren Stearley on 27 August 2019
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When it comes to how we experience our world, how well it was designed is fundamental. Architectural design affects our immediate functional lives, it is the physical art in which we live, and that which ripples out to flavor our communities and provide unique places across the globe.

By Lindsey Shinkle on 10 September 2019
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The job search process is stressful at any time in life, but trying to find your first job after graduating from college can be an especially pivotal moment. Completing a degree and receiving good grades no longer guarantees a competitive advantage for highly sought after jobs.