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By Lauren Stearley on 7 May 2020
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Every company regardless of what they do needs marketing, business development, human resources, billing, IT, administration, and even graphic design and web development. So if you’re scrolling through job opportunities and that A/E/C firm pops up, don’t be so hasty in scrolling past!

By Lauren Stearley on 4 May 2020
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If you are just out of college and are looking for an engineering position, it can be challenging to know what to put in your resume. This blog will tell you what to put in your resume for your first engineering job and provide some tips on making your resume uniquely you.

By Ciara Fischer on 28 April 2020
  • stress awareness
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It is no secret that the pandemic has affected all of us in one way or another, especially when it comes to our jobs. These changes happened suddenly due to the pandemic and have caused employees new stressors in their jobs that may not have been there otherwise.

By Ciara Fischer on 21 April 2020
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A neighborhood revitalization doesn’t just happen overnight. There are multiple steps included in the process before the work in the neighborhood can even begin. One of those definitive steps is obtaining funding for the project.

By Patrick Cummings, PE on 24 March 2020
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If I told you in 2019 instead of Bitcoin being the hottest worldwide currency in 2020 that toilet paper and hand sanitizer would be, would you have believed me? Our team here at Summit is working to stay one step ahead of the COVID-19 outbreak (also known as the Coronavirus).

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When it comes to how we experience our world, how well it was designed is fundamental. Architectural design affects our immediate functional lives, it is the physical art in which we live, and that which ripples out to flavor our communities and provide unique places across the globe.

By Lauren Stearley on 5 March 2020
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As a PE in your home state, you get to benefit from all of those advantages. But if you work for a company looking to expand, you may be requested to work in or oversee work completed in multiple states – and you’ll need to be just at ease out of state as you are in state. An answer to that problem? Get your PE in another state!

By Lauren Stearley on 25 February 2020
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Welcome to Groundwork, Summit Design and Engineering Services’ new blog. As an architecture, engineering and planning firm, we have a diverse range of talented and driven people improving their communities through their work.