Person County, N.C.


The Certainteed Gypsum Wallboard Facility in Semora, NC uses synthetic gypsum (a byproduct of coal fired electric power plants) to create wallboard for commercial and residential construction. From its construction to current operation, we provided Geotechnical, Construction Materials Testing and Special Inspections (CMT/SI) for this facility. During Phase I of the project, we performed tests on 750,000 cubic yards of cut and fill, 75,000 cubic yards of rock removal, and 13,000 linear feet of storm drain installation on the construction site. We provided geotechnical engineering services and CMT/SI during Phase II of the project, which included the construction of the actual 457,000 square-foot gypsum wallboard manufacturing facility. The steel-framed structure was built on reinforced concrete footings with reinforced slabs, steel columns, and welded metal deck plates.