NCDOT Division 7, N.C.


Our firm is currently providing support to Resident Engineers in Division 7, in addition to our project specific Design-Build. Digital Terrain Models are provided by the contractor and checked, verified and/or used for cross checks and stakeless fine grade verification.

We served as the prime consultant for the $466M Monroe Expressway connection from US 74 near I-485 in Mecklenburg County to US 74 between Wingate and Marshville in Union County. We provided Construction Engineering Inspection (CEI), structures inspections, and materials sampling and testing. At the project’s peak construction, we provided one Resident Engineer, three assistant Resident Engineers, and our entire team provided 34 technicians.

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We are acting as the NCDOT Survey party for construction layout services on the NC87 Bridge Replacement project in NCDOT Division 7. The project consists of a detour with two temporary bridges; then demo and replacement of the existing two bridges. We are performing all construction layouts for the project including bridge layouts, slope staking, fine grading and utility layouts.

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We are currently the prime consultant for the I-73 Design Build QA/QC contract. We provide assistant resident level staff, engineers and technicians to this project currently, with our excess level being 25 members at once. Our section is 10.5 miles of new location with 14 bridges, six culverts and sound and retaining walls.

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