Durham, N.C.


We were the prime consultant for the design of a mini-roundabout at the intersection of Carver Street, Broad Street and Kenan Road in Durham. This project came out of our Statewide On-Call Planning and Design contract with NCDOT. The intersection needed operational safety upgrades as it was notorious for rear-end collisions and near-misses. Our roundabout design solved this issue by allowing Carver Street traffic to keep flowing while widening gaps for side street traffic to enter safely.

The mini-roundabout also solved a few other challenges that a usual roundabout would have created. For example, larger vehicles (like school buses or fire trucks) can often struggle to make the turn around a roundabout without riding up the curb. Our design allows larger vehicles to “mount” the center island without damaging any roadway structures. Our design also limited the amount of impact to surrounding property owners.

Our team provided roadway design, hydraulic design, erosion control design, traffic management and pavement marking design, and utility coordination/design services for the project. We also participated in NCDOT’s Public Involvement efforts and provided supplemental route location surveys and easement staking as needed to complete the project.

The project featured unbonded concrete overlay of the existing pavement with upgrades to the roadway profile and super-elevation. Our design enhanced and improved the corridor. We started with improvements to the substandard typical section criteria and then improved drainage conditions along the corridor. Lastly, we designed the realignment of an existing on-ramp to lengthen the acceleration lane and taper. These improvements increased the road’s safety and usability for the daily commuter.

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We were involved from the beginning till the end of Riverwalk’s construction. To develop the initial greenway routing and bridge crossing locations, our team performed site assessments, detailed surveys, flood plain analysis, and agency coordination. We also coordinated subconsultants for historical and archaeological assessments.

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The original scope for this project included adding a left turn lane, signalization and improving the intersection’s general geometrics –creating a design that diminished the effect of the hill on the intersection. However, while we were in right of way acquisition coordination phase, the City of Roxboro purchased an adjacent parcel of land to the road.

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