Chapel Hill, N.C.


The Emerson Waldorf School started with an Early Childhood Learning Center operating in a converted farm house on 10-acres. Through capital campaigns they slowly added more learning opportunities, first in rented rooms in a church, and then in a trailer on the farm next door to the school. They completed their first high school building in the Fall of 2003. That same year, they bought the farm across the road from the school, to provide sports fields for a growing sports program, and land on which to build a farming and gardening program. In 2006, they had their first graduating high school class that included “lifers”, students that started at Emerson Waldorf School as kindergarteners. In 2010, they reached another milestone, with accreditations by the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges (SASC) and the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS). It was at that time, a campus plan was initiated to provide connectivity for the individual previous projects and determine a growth plan for future amenities.

From the beginning, they wanted a distinctive identity of a school that blends art directly into the teaching of all subjects from early childhood through high-school. And with a thoughtful campus plan, they could integrate natural wonders and encourage student interaction with outside environment. Summit has provided master planning, surveying, civil engineering, and construction testing over the last seven years to assist in advancing their vision of providing not only a holistic classroom environment, but a holistic campus integrating the environment.


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Our Land Development, Surveying and Geomatics, and Construction Materials Testing departments all worked together to provide site design, permitting and other vital services for the development and construction of the Discovery Charter School in Durham County, NC. The facility consists of four 10,500 square foot classroom buildings, and one 12,000 square-foot gymnasium, all connected by a large network of sidewalks.

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This is a 48,000 SF facility, situated on 34 acres, that includes classrooms, offices and laboratories among other amenities. We provided site plans, surveying, construction materials testing and geotechnical engineering services.

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We provided Geotechnical Engineering and CMT/SI services for this three-story, 100,000 SF, steel-framed building. The school building stands on the site of the original Northside School, which played a prominent role in the history of segregated schools in Chapel Hill.

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