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on 25 February 2020
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Welcome to Groundwork, Summit Design and Engineering Services’ new blog. As an architecture, engineering and planning firm, we have a diverse range of talented and driven people improving their communities through their work. Here, we share and celebrate those many voices of Summit and what they care about, because the passion and success of our people means everything to us.

Here are our overall goals for Groundwork

  • We will share knowledge based on our hard-earned experience.
  • We will comment, contemplate and (possibly) enthuse over new trends in the industry.
  • We will shed light on the best parts of our communities— and show our appreciation for them.

Groundwork is here to help you (whether you're a client, a peer, or just curious) get to know us on a more personal level because we think our people are doing great things in great communities.

Why "Groundwork"?

For names, we toyed with many mountain analogies for a while, but it didn't seem to suit us. After all, who can really say they are the "pinnacle" of a field that is constantly evolving and shifting (and without sounding like a know-it-all)? If you sit back on your success, you quickly become outdated. Instead, our blog name honors the foundations of our company— doing the challenging, good work that becomes the basis of something incredible.

Who is Groundwork?

We'll have regular writers, but our goal is to have as many Summit voices speaking in this blog as possible. Since our people have such unique backgrounds, we hope you will be able to see the variety of what we do as well as the eclectic batch of people that we work with.


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Lauren Stearley
Lauren Stearley is our Marketing Coordinator. She writes the content needed to get Summit’s name out there. Born at 9:09 in February, Lauren has always lived in North Carolina, except for a brief stint in England. When she is not marketing Summit’s many different departments, Lauren enjoys gardening, taking naps in her hammock and reading historical fiction.