Hillsborough, N.C.


There is an art to designing in Hillsborough, a small town with a big history. This rich cultural and architectural history of downtown, combined with an environmentally sensitive river that traverses through town, requires that redevelopment and new development projects are sensitively integrated into this unique physical, cultural and natural environment. For us though Hillsborough isn’t just a summation of these aspects; it’s also our hometown.

Our company started in Hillsborough. Some of our earliest contracts were with the Town, and some of our best projects are here as well. When Hillsborough wanted to connect its local people with the beautiful nature areas around town, we helped them develop the Riverwalk, a collection of scenic sidewalks and greenways that connect downtown with the proper outdoors. When Hillsborough wanted to update the façade and increase parking capabilities in town, our architecture team renovated the Gateway Center. When Hillsborough wanted their citizens to be able to move freely through and around downtown, we helped change the roads, sidewalks and entry points to do just that.

We want the best for every community we work in, but it’s nice to be able to enjoy the work we do not just as an employee but as a resident too.

Now, as Hillsborough looks to the future, we’ve worked on multiple projects that aim to increase economic development in the area, including the renovation of a prominent historic King Street Building (which has been an undertakers, meat store, movie theater, and bait shop in its history) and building the first new high density housing in our Historic District. More of our commercial work includes the design and engineering services for UNC Hospitals Hillsborough, Orange County ABC, multiple subdivision communities, Leland Little, and more. We’ve performed construction materials testing or engineering design for multiple schools in the area. Basically, we have worked to make the places that we would want to live in—because more often than not, we do.

The University of North Carolina Hospitals (UNCH) Hillsborough campus is a community hospital that serves as an extension of the main UNC Medical Center. Currently the Campus features a two-story hospital, a medical office building, four multi-story bed wings and associated access, parking and utility infrastructure.

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The Orange County ABC project consisted of designing and constructing a new, 14,250-square-foot warehouse and upfitting the existing office building. This location serves as the storage and central distribution point for all Orange County ABC locations, so it needed to fulfill both its warehouse functions and the necessary office functions in a fast-paced, demanding environment.

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We were the prime consultant on the Town of Hillsborough’s Riverwalk, a collection of urban greenways along the historic Eno River that total 1.8 miles. The Riverwalk is popular for walking, jogging and cycling, and it provides pedestrian connections between local neighborhoods and downtown. The downtown portion of the Riverwalk is also the primary route of the NC Mountains-to-Sea Trail.

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