Wake County, N.C.


We performed multiple services for improvements to Old NC Highway 98. Our survey department spent nearly a year collecting the information necessary for our Transportation Design group to design improvements for the road, including adding a sidewalk and trail along with curb and gutter additions.

Our survey department also provided route location on 8,000 linear feet of existing roadway and 1,000 linear feet of hydrographic survey. We surveyed stormwater features and utilities, established GPS control and Baseline traverse station positions and elevations, collected pavement and supplemental Digital Terrain Models (DTMs), and located topographic and planimetric features. Survey data was collected using GPS, conventional survey and High-Density Laser scans.

Triangle Expressway Toll NC-540 was one of the first toll roads in the U.S. to use electronic services instead of the traditional toll booth, easing traffic congestion and making the collection systems quicker and more efficient. The Triangle Expressway extends for approximately 18.8 miles.

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Summit has provided engineering services including specification writing, plan reviews, submittal review, failure analysis and coatings assessments across multiple NCTA projects for coatings application to concrete bridges, MSE walls, sound walls, toll gantries and sign columns.

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We established survey baseline control points to meet the required degree of horizontal and vertical precision, collected pavement locations, topographic and planimetric features, and generated digital terrain models (DTMs). We then compiled and assembled the field-captured data into the formats required for submission to Division 5 staff.

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