Raleigh, N.C.


We are the Geotechnical Engineer and Special Inspector of Record for the new Plant Sciences Building on NC State University’s Centennial Campus. This will be a state-of-the-art facility that will bring together academic, government, and industry professionals to research the challenges of agriculture, agribusiness, food production, disease resistance and climate change. The $160,200,000, five-story, 199,000-square-foot building will contain research labs, office space, corporate lab/office suites, atrium space, conference space and rooftop greenhouses.

Our services include subsurface drilling, field and laboratory testing of materials, and Special Inspections per Chapter 17 of the North Carolina Building Code. The building is expected to be fully constructed in 2021.

Summit provided Geotechnical, CMT and Special Inspections services during construction of the Orange County Northern Campus Expansion project. The project consisted of site development, earthwork, infrastructure improvements, roadway and parking lot improvements over the 19.33 acre site, as well as, construction of three (3) buildings.

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We provided Geotechnical Engineering, Special Inspections and Construction Materials Testing for this three-story, 100,000-square foot, steel-framed building. The school building stands on the site of the original Northside School, which played a prominent role in the history of segregated schools in Chapel Hill.

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Burke County selected us to provide materials testing and Special Inspections for their 70,969-square-foot, 2-story county jail facility. The floor is reinforced concrete slab-on-grade. The foundation system for both the booking/kitchen wing and the housing wing is standard cast-in place spread reinforced concrete footing.

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