At Summit, we can do it all. We are a compact engineering and design firm structured to adapt quickly and offer clients the most current technology, innovative design solutions and comprehensive project management for turn-key delivery. We know that one size rarely fits all. That’s why we look at the individual needs of every project and match it with our proven technical expertise and experience. When we approach a project, we look not only for our client’s success, but to provide design solutions which exceed expectations through innovation, collaboration and community support.


Summit Design and Engineering Services was originally founded in 1997 under the name of Callemyn-Parker, Inc., when CEO Jim Parker, PE, PLS and land surveyor, Alois Callemyn, combined their resources. The Sear-Brown Group took notice of the engineering and surveying firm and purchased it in 2001. Three years later when Sear-Brown Group dissolved, Mr. Parker seized the opportunity to steer the company back on its original course. Together with Sherry Jones, Kevin O’Dell, PE, Edmund Purcell, PLS, and Bill McCarthy, PLS, he formed Summit.

Operating as Summit since 2004 and starting off with surveying and civil engineering as our core disciplines, we have cultivated our expertise to expand what we can offer to our clients. With our progressive capabilities, we now provide planning, surveying, geotechnical engineering, land development, architecture, structural engineering, landscape architecture, transportation design, ITS/traffic engineering, industrial coatings, survey verification, construction management and maintenance management. We offer a full list of services to our clients, because we want to be invested from the beginning of a project till the end.

We have expanded geographically to meet our clients where they are located. We have expanded from our single Hillsborough office to branch offices in Raleigh, Charlotte, Fayetteville, Pittsboro, Asheville, and Wilmington in North Carolina. We also have offices located in Richmond, Franklin and South Boston, Virginia.



We are dedicated to providing our clients simple solutions to complex design and engineering problems. By fostering a caring, collaborative work environment, we encourage commitment in the communities we serve, so our employees and clients can succeed together.


We will be integral to the success of the communities we build, and our contributions will be inclusive to promote connectivity. We will maintain a close-knit team culture where we measure our success by the success of our people and our clients.


  •  Simplicity

  •  Caring

  •  Integrity

  •  Fun