As a firm experienced in delivering solutions to private and public-sector infrastructure needs, our professionals recognize the unique stakeholder environments our clients must traverse beyond the engineering to ensure a successful project. We assist our clients, both public and private, navigate through the design and construction decision-making process to bring a plan to implementation by understanding the nuances of each client’s path to success, while working from a universal set of core values. Our company is built on the philosophy that people come first, and our success comes from continuous delivery of the highest quality work to our clients.


Construction of the NCDOT I-73 Greensboro Outer Loop in Greensboro, North Carolina where our team conducted Construction Inspection and Engineering services along with Survey Verification services.

We have built our company around providing services for state and local municipalities to assist with their upcoming needs. We fully understand the challenges of tackling public sector projects, and we’ve spent the past 20 years thinking of creative ways to do it better. In this time, Summit has grown its core services and developed related disciplines to provide a full range of consulting engineering services to the public sector. Summit’s success, tradition of service, and expansion into new fields of practice have been the driving force behind our continuous growth.

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The exterior of one State Employees' Credit Union building that is a part of over 40 locations being built or renovated throughout North Carolina.

We understand the unique challenges our private clients have with diverse business goals and different accounting practices than our public-sector clients. In the private sector, financial management targets must be met at multiple organizational levels to meet owner’s and shareholder’s expectations. To sustain operational excellence, there is an inherent motivation to reduce costs and increase revenue. Our project teams understand this and aim to look for opportunities to spend less and achieve more in all phases of the project.

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