Granville County, N.C.


We provided Land Development, Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Materials Testing and Surveying services for the Oxford Preparatory School Facility in Granville County, NC. The school originally began with 68 students and then grew using modular buildings to accommodate dramatically increased enrollment. Finally, their success necessitated the construction of a 38,000-square foot building.

The new building contains 20 classrooms, including three science labs, a music room, and a gymnasium with a 440-person seating capacity. As part of our Land Development services, we provided special use permitting, construction drawings, erosion control permitting, off-site sanitary sewer outfall and off-site roadway improvements.

We are the Geotechnical Engineer and Special Inspector of Record for the new Plant Sciences Building on NC State University’s Centennial Campus. Our services include subsurface drilling, field and laboratory testing of materials, and Special Inspections per Chapter 17 of the North Carolina Building Code.

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We provided Geotechnical Engineering and CMT/SI services for this three-story, 100,000 SF, steel-framed building. The school building stands on the site of the original Northside School, which played a prominent role in the history of segregated schools in Chapel Hill.

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This is a 48,000 SF facility, situated on 34 acres, that includes classrooms, offices and laboratories among other amenities. We provided site plans, surveying, construction materials testing and geotechnical engineering services.

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