We understand the unique challenges our private clients have with diverse business goals and different accounting practices than our public-sector clients. In the private sector, financial management targets must be met at multiple organizational levels to meet owner’s and shareholder’s expectations. To sustain operational excellence, there is an inherent motivation to reduce costs and increase revenue. Our project teams understand this and aim to look for opportunities to spend less and achieve more in all phases of the project.

At Summit, we integrate our full range of services throughout your business life cycle and our technical and regulatory experts can work with you and your team to create optimal solutions for your unique project needs. Whether you are siting, designing, or permitting a new location; need to refresh or expand an existing business; or are considering decommissioning or repurposing a property, Summit is committed to helping deliver your preferred outcome. We value successfully bringing our clients’ projects from an economic opportunity to fully functional facilities.

Services Offered:

  • Architecture
  • Construction Engineering and Inspection
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Materials Testing and Special Inspection
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Industrial Coatings
  • ITS/Traffic Engineering
  • Land Development
  • Maintenance Management
  • Planning
  • Structural Engineering
  • Surveying
  • Survey Verification
  • Transportation Design


The education sector is being challenged even more to balance cost with the increased demand for superior learning environments. Today’s classrooms are constantly evolving to meet the pressures of changing student demands. As school choice options continue to evolve, the competition for student enrollment and retention is no longer a challenge just for higher education. The location, design, and quality of the facilities all contribute to the experience of the students and educators. Enhancing this experience not only increases educational performance, it can aid in today’s competitive recruiting environment.

Summit has a history of implementing innovative solutions for academic facilities. Whether planning and designing a private school or supporting construction for primary, secondary schools to colleges and universities, Summit creates lasting educational spaces while maintaining student safety, building security, and environmental stewardship goals.

Nowhere is the importance of getting it right the first time can be as critical as it is in the healthcare industry. With continued advancement in medical technology and a myriad of regulations governing the healthcare market one must be ready to address the unique intricacies and requirements of safely and sustainably delivering high-quality patient care. At Summit, we understand that creating transformational state-of-the-art medical centers is not only vital in serving the patients, families, and medical staff, but can help heal and energize the surrounding community.

Summits planning and design professionals can work with your vision of your patient’s experience in siting and creating healing environs for your individual practices or medical office building. While our construction and material experts can ensure that design of your acute and critical care centers, specialized laboratories, and research centers are constructed in a quality manner, so that it can sustain community care for generations to come.

Summit understands that for industrial clients, the value may not be the facility itself, but the process’ and/or product housed in the facility. This requires the facility to be of cost-effective design and high-quality construction. A simple roof leak or an uneven floor as a result of differential settlement can cost millions in lost production time. Our industrial clients utilize our experience to support design and construction of their core assets and associated balance of plant infrastructure. Summit brings expertise to the team related to ground improvements, soil conditions and foundation needs, structural requirements, industrial coatings, and construction quality assurance.

Summit recognizes the challenges facing owners of office or retail space, as their space must attract today’s workers and shoppers, while being able to quickly and cost-effectively adjust to future trends in the market. These trends can change shoppers’ preferences overnight or make it challenging to attract the next generation of workers to the space. Summit works with owners and developers in the conceptualization, design, and construction, to provide environments that foster employee interaction and enhances a shopper’s experience. Our experts work collaboratively with our clients looking for opportunities for innovative concepts that turn these spaces into a destination, so that, it will serve today’s purposes and attract tomorrow’s users.

Summit’s diverse technical experts come together in the residential market to create premier experiences where families can enjoy their free time, spend time with their neighbors, and work efficiently all within their community. We understand the challenges developers face to bring this vision to fruition; from assembling land, due diligence, and gaining approvals, to obtaining financing, to completing projects on time that stand-out in a competitive market space.

Summit can bring expertise to every stage of planning and implementation: from siting; through design of roadways and site-wide utility infrastructure, building architecture, landscaping, to trails, athletic fields and parks; to construction management. Summit brings all the elements together to give the homeowners an experience of being home, from the gateway of the neighborhood to their driveway.