Multiple Locations - Statewide N.C. & Va.


We currently work with Rhetson Companies, formally Par 5 Development Group, on the civil/site designs for multiple commercial retailer locations throughout Virginia and North Carolina.

Each location follows a similar process. Once the site is selected, our first phase of work is working with localities to secure the proper zoning and permits as well as coordinating approvals from the DOT’s for Highway access. Once approved, the land is purchased by Rhetson, and from there we design the site to suit the particular building prototype that will be there. We also work with Rhetson’s client to ensure any features they want to be part of the site are included, such as truck entrances or parking requirements. Once construction is completed, we check to make sure our stormwater management features are operating as designed.

We have worked on 22 sites over the past 3 years in North Carolina and Virginia. The challenges of this project is first getting everything approved by the localities and DOT’s before construction. Each locality has its own personality and needs for us to respect. During design, the main challenge is adapting to the variety of locations. There is always something different that may prove challenging to design with, so figuring out those unique situations forces us to be creative and innovative.

We are providing Architectural Design, Civil Engineering, Structural Design, and Construction Administration services for this 7,350 SF ABC Liquor Store (4,275 SF Sales Floor) in Orange County, NC. The style of the building channels the owner’s desire for a mountain-architecture feel and a curved roof.

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We are the current Architect of Record for the State Employees' Credit Union. Our architecture team developed three (3) new prototypes for North Carolina locations ranging from 6,500 square feet to 10,000 square feet. Each location requires different services and different qualifications which meant our teams quickly learned how to adapt to our client’s needs on the ground.

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We provided architectural design, structural and geotechnical engineering and civil/site design services for this proposed 20,000 square-foot (+/-) Class A Office Building located in Hillsborough, North Carolina. The building could potentially hold up to three different businesses in distinctive suites, yet the interiors of those spaces are suited for flexible collaboration between employees.

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