• I-540 Survey
  • Fayetteville Waterline Location Survey
  • I-540 Survey
  • Harnett County Waterline Project Verification


We provide a unique perspective on land surveying because of our firm’s direct experience in leading design and construction projects. We know how key accurate and timely surveying information is, as our staff know exactly how other disciplines will rely on this information. As a core discipline for Summit, we maintain state-of-the-art field equipment and digital office technology, combined with decades of experience that allow our teams to collect, process and transmit project data efficiently and seamlessly. Our surveying department regularly provides services tailored to our private and public client’s needs.

Core Markets

  • Boundary Surveys
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Alta Surveys
  • Route Location Surveys
  • As-Built/Survey Verification
  • Plat and Easement Preparation and Recordation
  • Conventional Survey and High-Density Laser Scanning

Office Locations

504 Meadowlands Drive
Hillsborough, NC 27278

Phone: 919.732.3883

100 East Six Forks Road, Suite 300
Raleigh, NC 27609

Phone: 919.322.0115

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