Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day
WTS North Carolina & NCDOT
NCDOT and WTS NC Triangle have collaborated on a student outreach program for “Introduce a Girl to Engineering” Day for multiple years. High School girls interested in engineering had the opportunity to participate in hands-on transportation-related engineering activities and also participated in a question-and-answer session with female engineers from various disciplines. Volunteer engineers also shared the daily duties and skills necessary for their jobs while encouraging young women to maintain their math and science skills, which are necessary to enter programs in college.

Each year, our firm has several team members volunteer to help with the event. Our volunteers help with activities and also with lunch. With women making up only 12% of engineers in the United States, this event works to promote engineering as a desirable career option to young adult females. Our team is proud to help with this event each yeat and we enjoy encouraging young women to be involved with engineering.